Step Zero

Transform your recipes and start cooking.

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Try the Step Zero experience for yourself with these demo recipes.

What is Step Zero?

Step Zero is a service, activated by browser extension or bookmarklet, that analyzes recipes found online and redesigns them in an optimized format. It provides three key features compared with a traditional recipe:

How does it work?

By using the Step Zero bookmarklet or downloading the browser extension, you can start using the service. When you click, here’s what happens:

Why Step Zero?

Traditional recipe websites assume strong skills in and knowledge of the kitchen. Recipes are usually written in ways that need to be reread to be understood. Particularly for inexperienced home chefs, this makes using typical recipes time-consuming and stressful.

You may already have your recipes on another website—no problem! Step Zero can be used on top of those service to make them even easier to read.

More to Learn

In addition to the recipes here, there’s more about Step Zero to learn.